202 - pneumatic Screen-stretching unit

Pneumatic Screen-stretching unit 202
  • stretching values of up to 60N
  • Stretching stroke per clamp 80 mm/3.1“
  • Total 160 mm/6.2“ in warp and weft direction

Technical Data

for all mesh types currently available on the market, capable of chieving stretching values of up to 60N. Pneumatic stretching with highest precision/repro- ducibility.

Cost-efficient entry-level model for automatic mesh stretching.
Modular extension possible in 250 mm/10“ incre- ments p/side (warp + weft)

Stretching stroke per clamp 80 mm/3.1“.
Total 160 mm/6.2“ in warp and weft direction
The simple and user-friendly control module with two separate regulator circuits for the X axis and the Y axis allows individual adjustment of the stretching force and of the stretching speed.
The pneumatic system guarantees an efficient work process. The desired stretching power must only be adjusted for the first screen of a series. While the mesh is being stretched, the screen frame is prestressed with the same counter-stret- ching force.
During the stretching process, the pneumatic stretching clamps can be shifted sideways in order to compensate any extension of the mesh.
The width of a DUPLEX stretching clamp is 250 mm/10“. This ideal width enables every single stretching clamp to automatically compensate any mesh irregularities, which guarantees that the mesh is evenly stretched on its entire surface.
The frame saddle of each stretching clamp can be easily adjusted in 5mm/0.1“ increments to meet frame profile heights between 20mm/0.8“ and 55mm/2“.
During the stretching process the mesh is auto- matically pulled over the frame. Once the stret- ching process is completed, the mesh can be directly glued onto the frame.
In the event of mesh tearing, the retaining straps prevent the stretching clamps from bouncing back. Ergonomical design and high-quality material such as special steel V2A and aluminium are standard features of the stetching clamps.

Single clamp

  • max. length: 505mm / 20“
  • Width: 260mm / 10“
  • Weigth: 5,5 kg
  • Stretching width: 250mm / 10“
  • Frame profile height: 20-55mm / 0,7“-2“
  • Clamp travel distance: 80mm / 3“
  • Max. mesh tension: 60 N
  • Stretching pressure, X-axis and Y-axes: separately adjustable
  • Stretching speed, X-axes and Yaxes: separately adjustable

Compressed air

  • connection value: 9 bar
  • Air consumption per clamp: 0,15 l/tstroke
  • Compressor capacity: 5-20 l/m


  • 202 Flyer
    Download our flyer with useful information and technical data about the screen-stretching unit 202 (PDF file; 104 KB)



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